Search Engine Optimisation

SEO - Short for Search Engine Optimisation is a process used to grow your company by directing traffic / potential clients to your website using lots of different tools and techniques. We offer a custom SEO structure for each client to match each company. We create the SEO structure needed using the categories below depending on which are needed:

- Google AdWords
- Google Maps
- Business Directory Listings
- Social Media Listings
- Page / Content Building
- Website SEO Tools
- Create Company Profile

What we do at jS web media is work on getting your website listing in Google pages left hand side. The left hand side of Google results will show the true search results based on the keyword used and popularity / stability of the company / website. This means the most optimised, trusted, longest running website's will be listed in the left hand side of Page 1. This is the main results, you cannot pay to be here you have to earn it. By using the different processes in the categories above we can get strong permanent left hand side Google results.

Search Engine optimization cant be sold in a set package or bundle, its has to be custom every time. Each company / website is different, and each has different content, and needs different techniques to have a better chance of beating the competition in search results.

How Does Google AdWords work?
Google AdWords uses specific keywords to display advertisements in Google search results, You add your desired keywords and set a price per click for your keywords if the price is in normal or high range your advertisement will be displayed most of the time on page 1, as long as there aren't too many other companies using the same keyword. The paid AdWords ads are displayed on the top & right hand side of google search results, AdWords works great is easy to manage.
We also code our websites to the latest web standards and make all websites browser & mobile compatible, Our websites work with all common web browsers.

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